Welcome to Zach McGowan Web, your online resource dedicated to the actor Zach McGowan. You may know Zach from his roles in "Black Sails", "The 100", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D", and more. It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Zach’s career. We hope you enjoy your stay!


Site Title: Zach McGowan Web
Owner & Founder: Victoria
Launched: July 15, 2018

Why: I was first introduced to Zach’s acting while he was playing Jody on Showtime’s Shameless. Although I enjoyed his character it wasn’t until I saw him as Captain Charles Vane on Black Sails that I fell in love. I quickly realized how talented of an actor Zach was from his ability to play such a vast difference in characters. While Jody was sweet and a bit dense, Vane had much more depth. He somehow managed to play a ruthless  pirate who you think is just a villain, but ends up being so much more. With a surprising moral compass and hidden romantic streak  Zach makes you fall in love with his character by his last episode. In addition to his acting Zach seems like a genuine and down to earth guy. He is humble and thankful to his fans. It is because of these reasons, and more that I wanted to show my support for him and his career through this fansite.

About Me: My name is Victoria, and I have been showing support for my favorite actors through fansites for nearly 18 years. My first fansite was focused on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was going through a difficult time in my personal life, and found fansites to be a therapeutic outlet. I have met so many other amazing fansite owners over the years, and made some lifelong friends.